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Haunted & Historic Cambridge, Maryland

Feeling Spirits from Long Ago in historic Cambridge, Maryland


Historic Cambridge, Maryland is located in Dorchester County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Situated on the mighty Choptank River, Cambridge was originally inhabited by the Choptank Native American tribe. In 1684, wealthy European landowners moved in and built tobacco plantations.  This created tension and violence with the Choptank Native American tribe who were ultimately displaced. The plantation owners imported slaves from Africa to work the plantations until 1864 when Maryland end slavery.


Site of slave auctions

In Cambridge you can still find reminders of the slave trade. Slave auctions took place outside the Dorchester County Courthouse. At the top of the hill, under a large tree I discovered a portion of the original slave block. Slaves would’ve stood on the top of the hill while being auctioned off to buyers below. This same area was also used for public executions. While visiting here I could feel the angst and tension as I explored the area. There are still a lot of souls at unrest here.


Slave auction block on grounds of historic Dorchester County Courthouse, Cambridge, Maryland


Grounds of historic Dorchester County Courthouse, Cambridge, Maryland


Historic Dorchester County Courthouse, Cambridge, Maryland


Grounds of historic Dorchester County Courthouse, site of public executions and slave auction.



“Reconciliation” is a photograph of the  Richmond Slavery Reconciliation sculpture which is located in the historic Shockoe Bottom neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia.  From the 1700’s to 1865, this area served as the second largest slave trading center in the country.  Artist Stephen Broadbent created this bronze sculpture which portrays two people melded in an embrace.  The sculpture stands nearby Richmond’s former slave market in Shockoe Bottom.

A framed photograph of “Reconciliation” is available for purchase here:



“In Search of the Spirit of Harriet Tubman”

Video of black and white photographs with 1920’s music of the area where Harriet Tubman was born, enslaved, and escaped to freedom and helped hundreds of others to freedom in the north. My photographs are from the Eastern Shore of Maryland including Dorchester, Caroline, and Talbot counties where you can still feel the spirit of Harriet Tubman from long ago. To purchase photographs visit http://www.JacquelineLaRocca.com


In Search of the Underground Railroad in Caroline County, Maryland

The Underground Railroad was a secret network of people, places, and routes, which provided shelter and assistance to escaping slaves.

An abandoned farm house in Harmony, Caroline County, MD part of the landscape of the Underground Railroad on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

The Underground Railroad was a network of secret people, places and routes used by escaping black slaves in the United States to escape to free states and Canada. The Underground Railroad operated by sympathetic black and white people, abolitionists, and Quakers who risked arrest if caught.  The landscape of the Caroline County, Maryland was part of this network.  To view the entire Caroline County photography collection please visit www.JacquelineLaRocca.com

Home of James Webb, a free black man in Caroline County, MD in 1852. This structure is a typical African American house for that time period.