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How to Make Authentic Irish Coffee

Authentic Irish Coffee
Authentic Irish Coffee

How to Make Authentic Irish Coffee

This recipe is from my husband Michael Fahey who is from Galway, Ireland. Slainte.


Irish Coffee glasses, good strong coffee, brown sugar, real Irish Whiskey (I recommend Paddy’s Whiskey), and real double cream (you can substitute with real heavy cream and whip it but avoid using artificial whip cream).

  1. Fill the glasses with hot water and let stand for a couple of minutes to preheat the glasses
  2. Discard the water and add two or three teaspoons of brown sugar to each glass
  3. Add a generous shot of Irish Whiskey – I recommend Paddy’s Whiskey
  4. Stir
  5. Add freshly brewed strong coffee and stir
  6. Pour a thick layer of cream on top
  7. Do not stir the cream into the coffee
  8. Sip and allow the spiked coffee to seep through the cream and enjoy!

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