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Feeling Spirits From Long Ago in Christ Church Cemetery, Cambridge, Maryland


Historic Christ Church, Cambridge, Maryland 

Christ Church Cemetery is located at 601 Church Street in historic Cambridge, Maryland.  Some allege the cemetery is haunted. Established in the late 1600’s, Christ Church cemetery is the final resting place for original settlers of Cambridge, veterans of the American Revolutionary War, and veterans of the U.S. Civil War.

American Revolution Graves Christ Church Cemetery Cambridge MD
American Revolutionary Graves, Christ Church Cemetery, Cambridge, Maryland

When I visit historic cemeteries, I like to bring flowers to place on the graves of civil war veterans. In Christ Church cemetery these graves were hard to find. In contrast, the American Revolutionary veteran graves were easily identifiable with the American flags and DAR markers. I had with me a list of the names of civil war veterans who are buried in the cemetery. When I found several of these graves, I was surprised that there was no indication that the person was a civil war veteran. I got a strong feeling that this history was purposely being hidden. It was common for families in Maryland to have had family members fighting on both sides of the civil war so perhaps this was a painful period that was preferred to be left in the past by the families.

Christ Church Cemetery, Cambridge, Maryland

After laying flowers on several civil war veterans’ graves there was one grave I could not find. I decided to use a method that I’ve been using for years that always works. I call on the spirit of the deceased to guide me to their grave. I explain to them that I am there to visit them and to honor their service in the civil war.  A few seconds following this ritual, it worked. I found the grave of the veteran.

Although the cemetery is rumored to be haunted, I personally believe that spirits of the deceased like being remembered and appreciate being visited.

Lady of Greenwood Plantation

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Art Exhibit Featuring Hooper’s Island, Maryland

Hooper's Island, Maryland
Hooper’s Island, Maryland

A big thank you to art show juror Yumi Hogan,Maryland’s First Lady and adjunct professor at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) for selecting my photograph of Hooper’s Island, Maryland for inclusion in the art show.

With over 781 total entries, I was one of 72 artists selected for the show.  A list of accepted artists and images can be viewed here: http://mdfedart.com/classic/mfaentry/sales/salesgallery.php?exhibit=45

Exhibition Dates: June 19  – August 1 at The Art Gallery, 1202 Art Sociology Building, University of Maryland, College Park, 20742

Reception: Friday, June 26, 6-8 pm. Awards presented at 7pm. Open to the public. All are welcome to attend.

Unionville Church Ruins in International Women’s Exhibit Top 10

Unionville Church Ruins III, Talbot County, Maryland
Unionville Church Ruins III, Talbot County, Maryland

A big “thank you” to “Women In Focus” for selecting my photograph “Unionville Church Ruins III” for inclusion in the 2015 International Women’s Exhibit Top 10 http://www.womeninfocusatlanta.com/international-womens-exhibit-top-10/

This is an exhibit containing 650 photographs in celebration of March Women’s Month. The exhibit represents women photographers from around the world. The exhibit is sponsored by “Women In Focus” in Atlanta, Georgia. A special thank you to the curator of the exhibit Gittel Chase Price, President of Women In Focus and Founder of Women in Photography Linkedin Group of more than 60,000 women around the world.

The exhibit runs through April. Check it out and celebrate women photographers! http://www.womeninfocusatlanta.com