Jacqueline Quinn LaRocca Photographer
Jacqueline Quinn LaRocca

Jacqueline Quinn LaRocca is a freelance, fine art and travel photographer specializing in black and white and infrared. Jacqueline has produced portfolios of travel destinations, landscapes, architecture, cultures, and historic and sacred places. Jacqueline’s photographs have been published in newspapers, travel guides, web-blogs, websites, and articles. Jacqueline studied professional photography at The Washington School of Photography School and lives in historic Ellicott City, Maryland. Jacqueline’s photographs are available for sale and licensing.


My work represents my passion for creating fine art black and white, and infrared photographs of ethereal and historical places from times past. I use my camera as a tool to explore sacred, historical sites around the globe. I strive to visually communicate the feelings I experienced at these mysterious and spiritual places so others may share my experience. It is very satisfying to me when I feel I have been able to successfully portray the mood of a place through the use of light and shadow and the texture of time.

Most of my photography work is done in black and white because I like how the dark and light tones create a delicate and intriguing canvas for my subjects. I have a passion for infrared photography which is what first enticed me to professionally study photography. Several years ago I saw the work of other infrared photographers and I was awestruck by the unusual and unique quality of infrared images. I wanted to learn how to create similar ethereal beautiful.


For inquiries contact me via email: hauntedtraveler@gmail.com or (214) 770-0329

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  1. Hi there Jacqueline,
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the Blogosphere and for the follow. Your support is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed you visit and look forward to seeing more from you.
    Have a great day, 


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